parameter Technical index
NH3 measuring range 0-100ppm/0-1000ppm/0-5000ppm
measurement method Electrochemical sensors
measurement accuracy 3%F.s
Response time (T90, seconds) Less than 60
Warranty Host warranty is 2 years, gas probe warranty is 1 year
Baud rate 2400/4800/9600
Communication port RS485/0-5V/0-10V/4-20mA
Power supply 12V-24V DC
Power consumption ≤0.15W(12V DC , 25℃)
Operating temperature ‘-20℃ to +50℃
Working humidity environment 15% to 90%RH (relative humidity), non-condensing
Working pressure range Standard atmospheric pressure ± 10%
Dimensions 110×85×44mm3
Probe parameters and selection
Numbering Probe type Range Resolution life
(ppm) (ppm)
4HH import 20 0.01 2years
4G import 100 0.01 2years
4L import 1000 0.1 2years
4XXL import 5000 0.1 2yeaa