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Welfare treatment

We provide all kinds of social insurance and housing provident fund for our employees. In addition, we also provide our employees with rich corporate benefits and flexible benefits, including annual bonus, regular salary adjustment, transportation allowance, meal allowance, staff dormitory, team building fund, etc.

  • Basic salary/year-end bonus

  • Social insurance/humanistic care

  • Regular salary increase/birthday benefits

  • Food and beverage/transportation subsidies

  • Housing fund/staff dormitory

  • Enrich activities/festival benefits

Payment of subsistence allowance

For full-time college graduates and high-skilled talents who have paid social insurance for one year or more after January 1, 2018 or who are newly introduced to work for enterprises in our district (subject to the time of filing and payment of social insurance), the maximum time of social insurance payment by enterprises shall be

  • High-tech enterprise certification

  • Full-time PhD candidate

    The minimum ¥180000

  • Full-time postgraduate

    The highest¥108000

  • Other full-time college undergraduates

    The highest¥72000

6/5000 Equity and option award

40% of employees can enjoy the initial stock allocation plan

Core backbone will be included in the equity incentive plan 10% employees will be included in the option incentive plan 20%

Young eagles plan

  • Our goal

    Goal: Strive to build a reserve cadre team that not only master professional technology, but also have comprehensive management level within half a year, so that "fledgling eagle" can fly!

    Our Principles

    Jingxunchangtong adhere to the "professional technology + comprehensive ability" synchronous training, to open, fair, just, performance, work ability as the criterion, put an end to the seniority principle, the development of talent, reserve talent, the amount of trial!


    Eyas plan "seed talent" -> junior managers to middle managers -> a senior manager

    The ultimate prize

    Become the core backbone staff, have the right to participate in the equity allocation campaign!


We will build a cloud ecosystem for the growth of all things and create a new era of intelligent connectivity of all things

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After-sale tel:0631-3792028

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