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The company has more than 100 patents, more than 300 kinds of Internet of things products, perfect design, research and development, construction team.

Wisdom aquaculture solution

In the process of aquaculture, the management of water quality is an important part of the management of aquaculture management, providing a relatively good growth environment for aquatic organisms with a wide range of water quality modifi…

Swimming pool water quality monitoring system

The water quality of the swimming pool is directly related to human health, and the pool is not clean to hazard the swimmer. Swimming process sweat and urine discharge and skin dirt are dissolved into the pool water to cause pool water pol…

Hydrological monitoring system

Water conservancy and flood control are related to the stability of society and the safety of the people. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen the emergency monitoring of heavy rains and floods in small and medium rivers. Water quality…

Water quality monitoring system

This project realizes real-time automatic online monitoring of factors such as ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus permanganate index and other factors in the surface water environment to detect abnormal changes in water quality in time and…

Smart Livestock Farming

The Smart Livestock Farming system based on the IoT can monitor the animal husbandry environment by real-time video, monitor the animal's body temperature, movement trajectory, health status and reproduction status.

Smart greenhouse solution

The smart greenhouse solution based on the Internet of Things can realize real-time video monitoring and early warning of the crop growth environment, remote automatic control of equipment and automatic irrigation.

We will build a cloud ecosystem for the growth of all things and create a new era of intelligent connectivity of all things

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